Make The Most of Wine Tasting in Chianti with Our Etiquette Tips

  The regions of Italy are varied and eclectic, especially when it comes to wines, but perhaps there is no region whose varieties are as revered as Tuscany. Home to the famous Chianti, its wines are synonymous for pairing with rich, decadent food and for bringing a freshness to the palate. A wine tasting in Chianti is a must for any traveller to the region with even a passing interest in vino, and something that everyone should aim to experience at least once. However, to get the most out of this type of trip it’s important to know a little bit about the process. Below are some key things to look out for and a few ‘what to do’s’ and ‘what not to do’s’. Things You Should Do One of the key things that you should do in order to make a wine tasting in Chianti a special experience is to cleanse your palate before each taste. You’ll find that water is provided and it’s a fool-proof way to ensure each taste is as fresh as the first. For first timers it can be hard to know whether spitting is

What to Expect on a Canal Holiday: France’s Canal du Midi

  For those who are planning a canal holiday, France is a popular destination. It offers some of the best waterways in Europe, with the banks steeped in history, gastronomical delights and beautiful landscapes. But if you’re new to travelling like this, we're here to give you some insight into what to expect. To show you all the best of what’s on offer with a canal holiday, France’s du Midi is taking centre stage - and you won’t be disappointed! Introduction The Canal du Midi has something for everyone, from foodies to history buffs, its 330-year-old route winds through ancient villages and beautiful vineyards. Top that off with the balmy Mediterranean weather and you’ve got a recipe for ultimate relaxation. As you travel along the water, you’ll discover the region’s fascinating history as the architecture reflects the blend of the classical antique and traditional influences. Must-see sights on this route include the historic fortified city of Carcassonne and the underground Roman


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